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Suitable for sealing & repairing ventilation ducts, sheet metal workpieces and seams against moisture and vapour. Provide an excellent balance between tensile strength and tear-ability and rubber adhesive facilitates aggressive adhesion to rough surfaces


    Designed for use on seams & joints of aluminium backed duct boards & fibreglass workpieces for HVAC applications. Feature aluminium construction for providing protection against moisture, mold & mildew. Available in 48, 63.5 & 72 mm width options

      Nashua manufactures high quality adhesion solutions for the electrical and electronics, HVAC, plumbing and automotive industries. Its extensive catalogue includes self-fusing silicone, duct and เทปฟอยล์. The brand's highly versatileduct tapes are designed for wrapping air ducts in heating & air conditioning applications. These tapes feature polyethylene coated cloth construction with rubber adhesive for moisture resistance while ensuring strong bond & durable adhesion. These products are available in industrial and premium grade options, along with various all weather foil tapes, on Raptor Supplies.